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Paper Bags

Paper Bags 3

Paper Bags

Swiss pac uses robust technology along with dedicated and highly skilled team of workers to create reliable, durable and effective paper bags for our customers. We use rotogravure technique to provide custom printed bags. The paper bags can be produced from single or multiple layers with flexible and durable materials.

Paper bags have a distinct feature of looking more natural, Eco-friendly and economical than other types of packaging.  They can be used to package coffee, tea, sugar, salt, organic products, grains, pet food and pharmaceutical products. Swiss pac offers paper bags with metalized or aluminium foil lamination to protect your product from moisture, oxygen, odours and other contamination from bacteria hence, increasing the shelf life. We can also add re-sealable zip, tear notch, degassing valves, tin-ties, euro slot and transparent window as per customer request.

Swiss pac offers paper bags in various colours like gold, white, silver, red and black with matte, shinny and glossy finishes. It can be used to package pharmaceuticals, food, tea, coffee, nuts, herbal smoke, pet food and many more.

Measuring Stand Up Pouch
Green Paper bags

Green Paper bags

Green Paper bag With Rectangle Window

Green Paper Bag With Rectangle Window

Black Paper Bag

Black Paper Bag

Black paper Bag With Rectangle window

Black paper Bag With Rectangle window

Coffee pouches

Brown paper Bags

Cheese packaging

Kraft Brown Paper Bag Oval Window

spice packaging

Brown paper bags Full Rectangle Window

spices packaging

White Paper Bags

Coffee beans packaging

White Paper Packaging

cookies packaging

White Paper Bags

bath salt packaging

White Paper With full Rectangle Window

white paper bags

White Paper Bags with zipper and foil lined

White Paper Bag

White Paper Bag

Paper coffee bags

Brown Paper Bags With Zipper and Foil Lined

green tea bags

Brown paper bags with zipper oval window

golden fiber bags

Brown Paper with Full Rectangle window