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Side Gusset Bags

Side Gusset Bags 3

Side Gusset Bags

Side gusset bags have now become a worldwide trend as it is convenient, stylish and durable as well as for their ease of use and less space occupying factor. As one of the leading providers of packaging, Swiss pac offers side gusset bags with the help of our skilled professionals, who use advanced technology to produce first class packaging.

Side Gusset Bags are especially used for packaging coffee. Swiss pac offers side gusset bags in 9 colours available in shiny, matte or glassy attributes and red, silver, blue, black, white, gold and green colours.

Swiss pac produces side gusset bags by the use of high quality and FDA approved plastic materials along with our patented degassing values. Side gusset bags are also available in biodegradable environmentally friendly recyclable material.

To increase the shelf life of your product and durability of the bag, Swiss pac uses side gusset bags which have been laminated with metalized or aluminium foil layers. This acts as a barrier against oxygen, moisture and other contaminating agents.

The side gusset bags produced by Swiss pac are one of the most unique and innovative packaging solutions out there, giving you a distinguishable competitive advantage.

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